SINCE 1967




Provide to every professionals in the field products with quality, ensuring trust and satisfaction through a team of excellence.



To be a reference space at an iberian level for professionals in the field, continously investing in products technology, as well as updating digital tools wich make it possible to streamline and facilitate customer's budgeting processes.

The beggining.

Interlusa was founded in May 1967 by Manfred Horst Müller, incontestable lider and visionary, Interlusa emerged while working with raw materials. Over the years, it has stood out for its honest work and values, as it is still a family business. Dedicated to the importation and resale of metals, lighting components and lighting fixtures, it also dedicates to exporting its products to the Spanish market and to the PALOPs. Interlusa's policy is to constantly adapt to market needs, offering its clients the best solutions. Thus, we always choose the best partners that guarantee the best quality.

Interlusa stands out for the quality of its materials and the diversity of its lines, combining modern with classic. We invest on lamps with the latest technology, guaranteeing the customer the best price comparing to its quality. We offer a wide range of components, mainly intended for the manufacture of lamps, as well as electrical equipment, sensors, extensions, etc. We supply brass, copper, zinc, nickel and aluminum in semi-manufactured products, such as tubes, bolts, sheets, etc. and electroplating products such as anodes and copper wires.
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