Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda.

1.    Scope and subject matter of the General Conditions

These conditions are intended to enshrine all the rights and obligations of all users of this online store based at Estrada Interior da Circunvalação, 12477, 4100-178 Porto with the unique number of registration.

If you do not agree to these Terms, you must refrain from placing any order and/or request a budget
The store is dedicated to the release of lighting items and related materials, enabling the user to place orders and / or reserve products.
The ordering and/or booking of items must be made by users aged 18 (eighteen) years or older. People under the age of 18 (eighteen) will have to be authorized by their representatives.
The information and other data provided by users of the online platform will enjoy full legal effects, for the purposes, among others, of making the online purchase. The user cannot therefore claim the lack of signature for the purposes of non-compliance with the obligations assumed.

This online platform is not dedicated to the purchase and sale of articles, but rather to the mere promotion (of them) to characteristic customers or professionals in the field.
The rules applicable to distance contracts relating to e-commerce are not applicable here, as are other consumer rights legislation.

2.    New Clients

Only upon prior registration, and approval by the commercial company Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda., will the customer have full access to the site, namely the price display of each item on display, placing orders and/or booking items.

3.    Product Information

On the Website are available the products marketed by Interlusa in its physical store, located in Portugal. The product information displayed on the Website is intended only to provide a brief informative summary for your convenience.

Interlusa takes all steps to ensure that the information and data contained on the Website are accurate and up-to-date when it is first published. However, Interlusa does not undertake to update or correct this information. Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda. gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information (including information about goods and services) included on the Website.

Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda. reserves the right to change, delete or move any information on the Website at any time without notice.

4.     Intelectual Property

Unless provided, all materials on the Website, including the design, text, graphics, photographs and content presented, are intellectual property owned, controlled or licensed by Interlusa H. Müller & C.ª, Lda.. Its modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale and other forms of exploitation, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, is prohibited.

The clauses of this document shall not be interpreted as granting any license or right under any intellectual property owned by the Company or third parties.

5.    Contract Formation

The platform https://www.interlusa.com/ is not dedicated to the purchase and sale of items, but only for your order and / or reservation. All aspects relating to time limits, means of payment and other related issues will be agreed at a later stage between the customer and the company via e-mail and/or other means of communication, but always outside the electronic platform.

The information contained in this platform does not constitute a purchase proposal, but a mere invitation to place orders and/or reserve products.

6.    Responsability

All products published on the online platform https://www.interlusa.com/ are in accordance with the legal regime in force in Portugal.

The online platform has the appropriate levels of security, however Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda.LDA will not be liable for any damages suffered by the User and/or third parties due to delays, interruptions, errors and suspensions of communications that originate from factors outside its control, in particular, any deficiencies or failures caused by the communications network or communications services provided by third parties, the computer system, modems, connection software or any computer viruses or resulting from downloading through the service of infected files or containing viruses or other properties that may affect the User's equipment.

If for any reason there is an error of access to the online Website of the Interlusa Online Platform - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda. there is an inability to provide service, Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda. will not be liable for any damages.

Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda. declines any responsibility for the misuse of the query for user data and information.


The site may advertise promotional campaigns, about which will be disclosed the beginning and end of the campaign and the discount to be applied, unless stock is ruptured.
In the actions with prices in promotion it will always be disclosed the normal price and the price in promotion.

- contact us via email and luz@interlusa.com will be happy to help.

- All matters of bookings and orders will be dealt with at the following email address luz@interlusa.com

Interlusa - Manfred H. Müller & C.ª, Lda. reserves the right, at any time, to make the possible update and/or modifications to this policy. We suggest that you consult it regularly to stay informed of any changes.

7.    Final provisions

In the event of a violation of these Terms and Conditions, Interlusa reserves the right to exercise any and all legally provided action.

The Terms and Conditions of use of the Site are regulated in accordance with the laws of Portugal.
If any provision described herein is found to be illegal, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that provision shall be eliminated or reduced under the law, not affecting the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.
Interlusa reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice.

You are bound by the version of the Terms and Conditions at the time of use, so we recommend your periodic consultation.

In the event of a dispute, you may have recourse to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity:
Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto
Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto
+351 22 550 83 49 / +351 22 502 97 91
+351 22 502 61 09
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